Non-fried Tasty Cajun Meals- Green Bean Casserole

By: Bria Sorrell

mgmt blog      mgmt blog.

Hello my fellow southerners,

I am bringing to you a non-fried tasty cajun meal that will knock your socks off, which is Green Bean Casserole! It is great that you get to indulge in something so delicious and it is more on the healthy side than any other cajun recipe you will find. I know when we all hear or see the word “healthy” in a recipe we are immediately freaked out. We automatically assume there is no flavor, which is what every cajun looks forward to in a meal. However, do not worry! This green bean casserole is healthy and delicious, and I promise it won’t leave you saying “maybe I should’ve had a salad instead”. This recipe is awesome, because it is great for holiday meals that will be shared with your friends and family. Casseroles are very popular on a dinner table, but you rarely find one with veggies (yes, veggies) included in a way that will still satisfy your southern craving. So like we here at Healthy Cajun Meals have promised and strived for, I am providing a non-fried tasty cajun meal where the taste will blow your mind and won’t blow up the number on the scale. Can’t get better than that right?

Green Bean Casseroles have always been one of my favorite non-fried cajun meals, particularly during Thanksgiving and Christmas time.This is one of those food items that I would constantly put on my plate and could not stop eating, and because it has veggies I did not feel guilty about this indulgence. I can recall my very first time trying a green bean casserole. I first tried this delicious meal at my grandma’s house during Thanksgiving at a very young age. I remember being very turned off when I first saw it because as a kid, as soon as you see something green on a plate you are saying to yourself “there is not a chance I’m eating that!” However, my sweet southern grandma convinced me to try it and it was the tastiest thing ever. I loved this recipe just as much as I loved playing “school” using barbie dolls with my younger sisters; actually, the green bean casserole may have topped that. Ultimately, I am sharing this recipe because I feel like I am bringing a part of my home, to the home of you all and your lovely family. This recipe is easy to follow, and an effortless meal to provide for your loved ones. After they partake in the green bean casserole experience, I promise you everyone will be calling you a chef and want you to cater every family function. And don’t worry, please feel free to accept the compliments and praise because the easy preparation and fast cook time for this delicious casserole will be our secret 🙂


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