Delicious Cajun Chicken Recipe

By: Mallory Wilson

cajun chicken

To all my southern style cajun cookers, here are links to some delicious cajun chicken recipes that will literally make your mouth water. Being that our website is based solely on healthy cajun meals, delicious cajun chicken recipes will bring you right to what you are looking for, as well as leave you with a smile on your face. Just like you can’t go wrong by watching CMT’s favorite country singer and sitcom actor Reba, you can’t go wrong by wanting to spice up your baked chicken recipes. Personally, I always try to watch what I eat for the most part, especially being from Louisiana. I strongly dislike the taste of salad, stinky fish, and bland baked chicken. I would dread the days when I asked my mom what she was cooking for dinner and she would respond, “salad and baked chicken”. My first thought would be how I am not eating at home that night and how they needed to add some flavor in their life. I never understood how her and my dad enjoyed eating such a bland meal for dinner. Eventually, I got tired of eating out on those nights because it was quite often, so like a scientist, I began doing some research! I looked up ways to spice up my chicken…cajun style! Now, I thoroughly enjoy using delicious cajun chicken recipes for dinner because I learned how to add a hint of cajun ingredients to spice up something I used to dread eating. The recipes provided below give you southern cookers a variety of ways to whip up that mouth watering chicken you are craving for dinner. The prep time for these delicious cajun chicken recipes is no longer than 20 minutes, with a cook time of no more than 45 minutes, providing you with a quick and easy way to spice up your dinner choice! The love you will have for this delicious cajun chicken after trying out these recipes will run hand and hand with the love Eric Decker has for Jessie James:) I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as I have, and be prepared to ice down those knees because these delicious cajun chicken recipes will knock a southerner off their feet!


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